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TeamThe Carpet House flooring center that we know today started all the way back in 1958 under the name of Carpet Warehouse Inc. It was founded by Tony Ellis and it provided the local community with great options for their floor covering needs. One of the early values held by its owner was quality installation and a high level of service for his customers. Tony sold the business to his then son-in-law Jim Burns and professional installer, Sam Leathley. They owned and operated the business which was known as Carpet House from 1985 to 2015.

In 1988, Sam and Jim met current owner Doug Hall and hired him. He worked for them from 1988 to 1994 and then went on to pursue his own floor covering career. He worked in manufacturing, distribution, and even owning his own flooring business for a short time. Doug’s career path came full circle, when in 2015, Jim and Sam gave him the opportunity to purchase Carpet House.

Doug, along with his wife Jackie, have now owned and operated the business for the past five years and are still providing the same principals of service and expert installation that this company was built on.

Carpet House Flooring center would like to invite you to their show room and experience over 62 years of experience and dedication in providing the Miami Valley with great service and flooring choices!